»The Smell of the Universe« is an acoustic picture book released on a 10“ vinyl record. More than one hundred different people have been asked about how the universe smelled. Since there is no definite answer to this question, everyone had to create his personal understanding.
Selected experts working in the fields of astronomy and perception, e.g. the astronaut Sigmund Jähn, astronomers, astrologists, synaesthetes, linguists, sommeliers, as well as common people of all ages and cultural backgrounds have been among the interviewees.
Talking about smells, we actually describe the odor carriers, situations or moods because there is no vocabulary for describing smells in German (as well as English) language. Spoken by the actor Robert Besta with expressive force these collected descriptions almost become tangible creating images in the mind of the listener.
Six selected interviews coping with astronomy and/or perception with the experts mentioned above accompany every record in form of printed matter.

Playing time:
Side A: 9′ 54″
Side B: 9′ 16″

Robert Besta

David Loscher

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Benjamin Bartosch